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Facts and Statistics



The Facts:

  • According to the UN, 37,000 girls under the age of 18 are married each day. We now have the greatest number of married girls and girls at-risk of child marriage than ever before

  • 1 in 3 girls in the developing world are married before 18; 1 in 9 are married before the age of 15

  • If present trends continue, more than 140 million girls will be married before the age of 18 in the next decade

  • Globally, almost 400 million women now aged 20-49 were married before the age of 18


The Facts:

  • At least 200 million girls and women have been cut in 30 countries with representative data on prevalence


High prevalence of FGM:


  • AFRICA: Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, Djibouti, Egypt, Mali,  Burkina Faso, Guinea, Sierra Leone

  • Middle East: Iraq, Yemen

  • Asia: Indonesia, India, Malaysia

  • South America: Colombia

Image by Atlas Green
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